1, 2, 3, Super Juice

Saturday 31st Aug 2013, 16:23

We all love ourselves some good ol’ burger now and then. To even the score, fuel yourselve with this super juice.

Often, these super juices require spending a lot of money and time on buying 10 to 30 ingredients you’ve never heard of, and which may be way out of your comfort zone. We understand. So here it is: a 3 ingredients super juice:

– Coconut water
– Açaí powder
– Maca Powder

Add one table spoon of açaí and maca Powder to the coconut water. Stir untill well blended and enjoy.
Now let us finish with a corny line: Super juice, made super easy.

Oh, if you’re in a really lazy power-food-mood, try out Vita Coco with açaí & pomegranate; it’s pretty good.

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