A Spiritual Snack

Friday 11th Oct 2013, 12:47

Forget about your usual afternoon delight cravings. Behold, the most spiritual and mindfulfilling snack ever: Yogi Snack Tea.

Snack tea? Yes, snack tea. Unusual? Yes. Sounds weird? Definitely. Is it delicious? Yes, it is.

We won’t lie, this tea will not remind you of a warm chocolate soufflé, served with fresh vanilla icecream. No m’am. But what it will do, is give you the feeling you’ve just finished a 4-hour meditation session with Deepak Chopra on the Himalaya’s. And believe it or not, we truly feel full and satisfied after drinking Yogi Snack Tea Sweet Mint.

The spicy cardamom and Schizandra berry – very helpful against stress and fatigue (yes, we googled it) – complements the sweet cinnamon and peppermint taste.
The tea is also available in Sweet Lemon Mate flavor.

We say: Bravo Yogi Tea, for making it a bit easier for us to feel good about ourselve.

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