Beard Buddy

Tuesday 8th Oct 2013, 15:29

Are you in the middle of a hairy situation, beard-wise?
Beard Buddy is your new best bud.

The company was formed in 2011 in Los Angeles, California when buddies Nathan & Gareth wanted to create hand crafted products specifically for beards by beards.
Built on the appreciation of good design and a good sense of humor, Beard Buddy is the destination for your face farming needs.

Their web shop offers all types of goodness for your beard, from a stylish Comb Necklace to Beard Wash and a moisturizing oil to make sure your beard’s in the best shape ever.

So, if you’re the proud carrier of a majestic beard or looking for the perfect beard-wearing-buddy-gift: Beard Buddy is your place to go.
Make sure to check out the website.

Beard Buddy

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