Bluetooth speaker on steroids

Tuesday 5th Nov 2013, 15:03

In case you’re trying to decide on buying a new wireless sound system OR some new lighting equipment to set the mood, it’s your lucky day. You don’t have to pick just one.

JBL – the audio company that’s operating under the same roof as Harman/Kardon and AKG (so you know it’s the real deal) – released the JBL Pusle; the love baby of a Bluetooth sound system and a lava lamp.

This basically means that the Pulse gives you the ability to turn a random situation into an epic party. Well, that’s what they claim..

When fully charged, the device will provide you around 5 hours of light + sound and based on the specs (two 40mm drivers and a maximum SPL of 86dB) and our previous experience with JBL, the device should be able to provide a very decent sound quality and volume.

You can see the system in action on the JBL Pulse promo video:

The Pulse will throw you back $200 or €200 and you can buy it online.

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