Libratone Loop

Tuesday 1st Oct 2013, 12:22

We like our music to sound and look good.
The Libratone Loop takes care of both.
This good looking piece of gear is a wireless speaker that uses AirPlay to connect with your devices. That’s nothing new, but the cool thing is that the product combines it with PlayDirect, which means that it plays your music without the need of a Wi-Fi access point.

The speaker is wrapped in fine changeable Italian wool covers, so it should be easy to change the look & feel of the Loop.
For $499 (or EUR 499) they also throw in a wall mount, so it’s up to you if you put in on the stand, hang it on your wall, or cuddle with it on the couch.
You can buy the Loop in the Libratone webshop.

Libratone Webshop

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