Pencil by FiftyThree

Tuesday 19th Nov 2013, 16:20

Oh man, the people behind FiftyThree really know what they are doing.. If you like to use your iPad for drawing or making notes, make sure to continue after the break.

In case you never heard of FiftyThree, these are the guys behind the Paper app (iOS). Paper is one of the nicest apps we’ve ever used, and that’s not just in the ‘drawing’ category. The feeling, experience and simplicity of the app makes it a delight to use.
And it just got even better..

FiftyThree just released Pencil: a stylish stylus with some nifty features, which makes it the perfect companion to the app.
Pencil pairs with your iPad via Bluetooth, which means you’ll get some additional features.

Let’s just see how it works in this nicely done promo video:

You can buy the stylus in two different colors (walnut – $59 and graphite – $49) from the Pencil website (check it out, this is how you promote your product).

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