The Bill Folder

Wednesday 24th Jul 2013, 15:04

We love cleverly designed products that also look great. Something that’s somewhat hard to find when it comes to wallets.
Sure, some look great and others are very innovative, but finding one that combines these two important aspects is a difficult task.

Thankfully, the people at Hard Graft understand these principles and are great at what they do: make beautiful products thats do what they should.

The Bill Folder is one of those products.
It comes in heritage (brown) and smoke (dark grey) leather and it’s going to look even better after using it for a while.
Its smartly designed shape will make sure it stay’s bulky-free and it fits banknotes of any currency; something that a lot of wallet manufacturers don’t understand.

The wallet will cost you a little under $140,- or €105 and is available from the Hard Graft webshop.


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