The ‘Face-o-Mat,’ A Portable, Analog Portrait Booth

Thursday 28th Nov 2013, 13:10

Living in a digital world, Swiss artist Tobias Gutmann decides to go analog with his Face-o-Mat, a portable portrait booth.

Tobias has been traveling the world for over 20,000 miles (that’s more than 40,000 km) with stops all over the planet. At these stops, he unfolds the booth, adjust some levers which determines the outcome of the image, and then paints small, abstract portraits from his customers, for just a small fee.

Some of the artist’s stops include Stockholm, Milan, Tokyo and London.
When Tobias started the journey, his booth was made out of cardboard found in trash, but along the way he upgraded to MDF to better withstand the traveling.

For more info, check out the Face-o-Mat’s Facebook page.

Source: Colossal
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