The next big thing is here: QuizUp (iOS)

Monday 11th Nov 2013, 13:05

Okay, if you value your time and got a lot of work to catch up with, please skip this post.
If not, continue.

If you liked Song Pop and Draw Something, you’re gonna love QuizUp.
It’s the biggest trivia game in the world.

How does it work?
First you select one of the 250+ topics, from logo’s to food, from arts to technology, you name it.
After you’ve picked one, select a friend to play with or go head to head with a random user; real-time.
Then it’s time to start the show.

Each game exists of 6 rounds. You can get up to 20 points a round (or 40 in the 6th – bonus round), based on the quickness that you use to bash on the correct answer.
When the game is finished you can decide to do a rematch, play against another opponent or switch topics.

What makes this game really addictive is the amazing User Experience and design; it’s really user friendly.
Plus, it’s quick. One game takes about a minute and jumping into the next one is a matter of seconds.

Oh, and best of all: it’s free.
If you want more information, head over to the QuizUp website, but it’s best you just download it directly via the App Store.

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