The Suitroller

Monday 4th Nov 2013, 14:54

If James Bond would have to bring his own suits while traveling (he doesn’t, he’s got a guy for that), he would use the Suitroller.

So, what’s the big deal?
Bringing a suit on your travels can be both a necessity and a mess. Sure, you’ve got the usual garment covers, but those are inconvenient to carry and still manage to wrinkle your suit.

Suitroller is the answer.
Rollor, the company behind the product, offers a new way to carry your suits and ties. Wrinkle free. All thanks to the clever and straightforward rolling technique.
So, whatever form of transportation you use, the Suitroller makes sure you arrive in style. With one hand free for a Martini and the other one to knock out a bad guy.

You can buy the Suit- and Tie Rollers at the company’s website.

Rollor Website

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