Your period just got cool

Wednesday 25th Sep 2013, 10:37

Something for the gals.
That moment of the month that your boyfriend rather takes his distance since your “slightly” more emotional than usual..
That moment you have to have your essentials near: chocolate, tea, blanket and the entire assortment of the drugstore.

Our period.. something we aren’t always that fond of talking about.

Well hold up! No more running up short on supplies, thanks to this amazing new concept: The Period Store.

They deliver your dream package filled with all your favourite products.
Choose one of the four boxes: treats, lite, medium and heavy. They are all filled with gourmet sweets, medicine and tea. Next to this basic pack (treats) you can fill up on products, ranging from tampons to aroma oil.

Got your dream package ready? It’s just one click away: set your cycle, ├ęt voila, you will receive a package every month just before.. well.. you know.

The Period Store

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